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Abolitionism: a historical heritage in former Portuguese colonial territories


For 150 years ago, in 1870, the Law of Abolition of the Death Penalty reached the Portuguese Colonial Empire.

Today, when we look at the abolition of the death penalty on a world map, we see that the territories that remained under Portuguese colonial rule until the beginning of the decolonization process, in 1974, still preserve the abolitionist heritage as sovereign nations, although these nations are located in regions of the world such as Africa (Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Cape-Verde and S. Tome and Príncipe) and Asia (Timor-Leste and the SAR of Macau), where capital punishment is still widely practised.

As a fundamental milestone of the humanist and liberal European heritage, The Charter of Law of Abolition of Death Penalty award in 2015 the European Heritage Label

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